Green Roof Ventilators

Green Roof Ventilators

Our wind-driven Turbo Roof Ventilators have been designed and Manufactured by M/s ARTITH MACHINERY LTD, Thailand, who are an AMCA (Air Movement & Control Association) member and pioneers in the field of both Industrial & Domestic Ventilation since 1984. This can be fixed on any type of sheet roof profile to effectively remove heat, humidity, smoke, fumes and dust from interiors, providing optimum fresh air in the working environment, increasing employee productivity. Lijan group stands tall as a progressive market leader of green Roof Ventilators in India and is equipped with a state-of-art manufacturing unit where every product undergoes stringent quality checks at every stage in order to meet best performance standards.

The green roof ventilators are light weight and sturdy, making roof-top mounting easy and requiring only a slight breeze to rotate the vents and draw out state and stagnant air from the interiors. Being wind operated, it reduces your energy costs to zero.


  • Reduces Heat and humidity, Dispel Foul smell and smoke
  • Powder coated and adaptable base make it Rust Proof.
  • Clears Hot air & Increase productivity.
  • Operates at the slightest of breeze & silent rotation. The ventilator is spinning on a pin and not on a bearing. Hence silent in operation.
  • No operational cost and Maintenance Free
  • Effectively removes heat, smoke, fumes, dust and other pollutants from interiors.
  • Works round the clock without electricity or other energy costs.
  • Revolutionary free floating concept activated by natural connection and assisted by natural wind.
  • Ribbed design to add strength and high-speed limiting device to protect against high winds and rain water. Wide range of models with various sizes with customization if required.
  • Removes accumulated heat and humidity from interiors prolonging life of roofing material, structure, insulation, and walls.
  • Fresher and purer interior atmosphere leads to healthier and more productive workforce.
  • With maximum exhaust flow and superior aesthetics, it circulates air better to give faster and more efficient cooling.
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