Solar Power System

Solar Power System

Electricity Charges become high day by day. So many people are getting interested in using solar energy to meet their electricity needs. Solar power systems generates clean and pure energy from the Sun light. It also help to reduce dependency on traditional power. Solar power for home and other commercial buildings are the best option to avoid monthly electricity bills. Solar Inverter with battery backup is very useful where grid power interruptions are common.

We offer On Grid Power Plant and Off Grid Power Plant Solar Solutions for Residential, Commercial, Industrial etc sectors with wide and flexible designs.

On Grid Power Plant

On Grid Solar System is mostly used to reduce electricity bills. When grid power is down the system might not be utilized since it has no batteries and any other power backup. Many residential users are opting for an on – grid solar system as they get chance to enjoy credit for the excess power their system produces.

Off Grid Power Plant

Off Grid Solar System need batteries so it might be more expensive. It’s a standalone solar system that rely on batteries to store solar energy for use. Power failures on the utility grid do not affect off – grid solar system. Initial cost for an off -grid solar system is high. But low monthly rates and low maintenance costs make up for it in the long run.

We are committed to provide best Solar Power Plants at affordable rates. We guarantee you for our products and are always just a call away to resolve all your queries.

We offer Panels from leading manufacturers including Waaree Solar, Vikram solar, Sunpower, Canadian Solar, JA Solar, Renewsys, Panasonic. All types of panels in the market are offered by us like Monocrystalline, Polycrystalline, Mono PERC, Mono PERC Half Cut, Mono PERC Bifacial, Mono PERC Half cut Bifacial, Mono PERC Multi Cut etc. We offer Inverter from ABB, Polycab, Exide, Beacon, Livfast, Victron, Strider etc. Batteries for Off Grid System from Exide, Beacon, Livfast etc are offered.

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